Costs of a Breach

Breached organizations experienced a number of negative consequences, which ultimate include financial loses, but also less direct loses including a decline in their brand value and potentially a loss of customers. Total estimated cost from data breaches worldwide in 2012 are cited at an estimated $8.1 billion dollars, with an average of $194 per record. Data breaches are not isolated events exclusive to large organizations and the impact to a small company can have devastating

Threats to Enterprise Security

Threats to enterprise security are numerous and well-documented by the media. Hardly a week goes by without reports of large scale compromises of records, with many of these breaches occurring at large, tier one organizations. If you are a systems administrator, it may seem like breaches can come from anywhere-and you would be correct in that assumption, based on several studies released in 2013. According to the findings from Verizon’s annual data reach investigations report,

Continuous Availability

An intelligent power management system that automatically switches between three possible power sources (solar panel, AC grid and internal battery) to maximize the end-user uptime. This innovative power management system features an integrated four-hour battery backup making it ideal for locations with power supplies.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Consumes up to 40 percent less energy than the previous generation of cash dispensers. Beyond the built-in solar power option, experience incremental power savings