As a provider of solutions for electronic payment systems, Tracom Services Limited aims at delivering trustworthy, high end security to the data carried through the various technologies. That is why we have partnered with Futurex, a company trusted by Tier 1 organizations around the world and has 30+ years building a reputation for reliable, innovative data security solutions.
Futurex’s dedication to meeting the growing business needs of global customers and partners is exhibited by the continuous expansion of their innovative products and services through extensive R&D and custom development projects with global Tier 1 organizations. Their products satisfy the most rigorous security requirements, and as they move forward, Futurex will continue to be a global leader in the data security and electronic payments industry by maintaining high performance standards, providing quality service, and expanding their product suite.

Futurex maintains an unyielding commitment to offering advanced, standards-compliant technology:

  • Hardware security modules for payment and general-purpose data encryption
  • Key and certificate authority issuance and management
  • Secure, high volume data storage
  • Portable, SCD-based tablets for remote configuration, management, and compliant key loading
  • High-availability solutions for centralized load balancing, monitoring, and disaster recovery

ExcryptTM SSP9000

The Excrypt™ SSP9000 is a secure, robust, and cost-effective Hardware Security Module, customizable to provide a versatile, compliant data encryption solution to organizations of virtually any size.

ExcryptTM SSP9000 Enterprise

The Excrypt™ SSP9000 Enterpris is an advanced Hardware Security Modulecapable of supporting multiple independent encryption processors allowing for logical separation of Master Keys and is scalable to process up to 8,000 TPS.


The Guardian9000 monitors and protects your organization’s Futurex device network through load balancing, monitoring, and general management capabilities.

RKMS Series

The RKMS Series securely generates, stores, distributes, and injects encryption keys into remote POS and ATM networks over an Ethernet connection.


The Securus is a handheld, touch screen-based remote configuration and management platform that is capable of functioning as a compliant Key Loading Device.

Certificate Authority Server

The Certificate Authority Server creates root certificates to sign other certificates, generate PKI key pairs, and sign firmware updates, code, and other items requiring a digital signature.