The POS Repair Centre is an Ingenico-authorized POS repair facility. Our service goals are to complete repairs within 24 hours and perform satisfactory tests after repairs to ensure quality performance of the devices. We have a well-qualified team of certified technicians who are dedicated to provide exceptional POS repairs and maintenance requirements.
Functions POS Management:

  • Logistics: Terminal purchase, deployment, training of users, follow-up on usage.
  • Terminal repair: This involves diagnosis, resolving of software and hardware error/faults, quality assurance and cleaning the terminals as the last process in repairing the terminals.
  • Preparation of terminals for application loading (initialization): Before the terminals are ready for use we load the relevant files for the application to work as expected and do a field/site follow through to ensure the systems are working as required.
  • Maintenance: terminals are scheduled for periodical maintenance checks to ensure they are working as required or not.
  • Freight management suits for remote terminal management:
    • Smart manager
    • Posiris
    • Posparam