Tracom is a distributor of SoftPro solutions which are designed for application in diverse industry verticals. The Softpro suite of eSigning solutions is designed to achieve fast and accurate verification of handwritten signatures for purposes of curbing fraud and saving costs. The solution is ideal for organisations for whom automated signature verification, fraud management, cost control and digitisation of records is of strategic importance.

  • SignDoc
    An award-winning software application that combines the use of signpads or tablets (iPad or Android) to capture signatures digitally and seamlessly embed them in documentation such as Adobe PDF files. SignDoc desktop is a stand-alone, rich client e-signature desktop application. SignDoc Web enables browser-based signing within one’s business application by adding a signature control – usually in the form of an e-sign button.
  • SignWare
    A software development kit application that facilitates the verification of handwritten signatures existing in existing customer’s applications.
  • SignPLUS Fraud One
    Cheque fraud-detection system that automatically detects counterfeit and maker’s signature forged items.
  • SignTELLER
    Works with existing applications to verify client’s signatures in real-time using a web-interface. Using SignTELLER, a bank may automate and render paper-less the account opening process.
  • SignINFO
    Enables the use of signature verification without the use of signature paper cards or IDs. It helps eliminate traditional paper cards and associated storage costs.
  • SignBASE
    Signature database that can also be enhanced to store and display additional documents, e.g. photos and ID cards.
  • SignPLUS Archive Interface Server
    For extraction of existing images from document archives and to manage a single scan process for both the signature database and document archives.
  • SignCHECK
    Reliable, fast and audit-proof, SignCHECK is an accurate, automated verification of cheque signatures. It incorporates analytical knowledge from a team of highly sophisticated forensic writing experts.