The Tracom Agency Banking App is a solution that is custom-made to suit any banks requirements. It is user-friendly and supports both card based, non-card based and biometric transactions. The solution allows you to extend your services to your customers and general public through appointed agents, thus bringing life to the meaning of financial inclusion for all!

Our pride lies in our expertise, knowledge and ability to walk with you through the journey to provide you with a feature-rich agency banking environment for your customers and non-customers alike. This is achieved by enabling the agent locations carry out most of what goes on in the brick-and-mortar branches, all this with the highest regard to security & reliability. We further offer deployment services, POS management services and general service and maintenance. We will be with you all the way.


  • New customer onboarding
  • Withdrawal/deposits
  • Banking enquiries
  • VAR services
  • Tax collection
  • Bill payment
  • Bank instructions
  • Biometric options


  • Distributed reach at a very low setup & running cost
  • Access to cheap capital
  • Increasing the agent foot traffic
  • Crossing illiteracy and familiarity barriers
  • Decongesting the branches
  • Providing services at a lower cost
  • Agency banking is paperless banking
  • Additional revenue