Tax Management Solution

The tax management solution by Tracom is an electronic payment system that allows for the registration of tax payers and collection of taxes and utilities throughout the country using mediums such as card, internet, and mobile. Using the Electronic Fiscal Devices it allows for acceptance of automatic direct debit transactions that are processed through the bank, payments through mobile phones and cash payments.

The System has various components such as the web portal and the back office for management of both the tax collected and the Fiscal devices for the collections in the field. It will give clear visibility of ongoing on the ground for complete management and understanding.

It will allow for management of the system users, and of the tax system through registration of tax payers, allowing for filing and payment of taxes, management of debts and reimbursements, management of objections and appeals, dispute lodging.

The system also has a monitoring module for the Fiscal electronic devices used in the field which may include and not limited to Electronic tax registers, electronic fiscal printers, electronic fiscal devices, fiscal point of sale(POS) terminals.

The module is used to monitor the events of the Electronic devices, and they are able to send feedback when they encounter a problem. This allows the team to proactively monitor the terminals, in the event of a failure communicate and escalate the issue to the relevant support teams.
The module also manages the devices through online updates of firmware, white-listing and blacklisting of the devices, blocking and unblocking as well as allocations.

Other services that the system offers are:

  • Field agent module that is on a mobile app.
  • Communications module( SMS, Email)
  • The system can generate lottery numbers, exchange rates, self-locking systems, security policies
  • All necessary reports can be generated as and when required
  • The system is scalable.