Unified Fleet Solution

When you deploy solutions in the market   you need a way of monitoring them and getting the best out of the devices or software that you have purchased. To assist you in doing this we have a suite of solutions that can assist in managing your fleet. Our fleet management solutions offer you the comfort of remote system and terminal availability monitoring; remote updates of parameters; and general terminal management.

UFS is a system designed to remotely manage and securely control an unlimited number of terminals effortlessly. The system manages and monitors roll out of customized terminals, automated scheduling of application downloads, facilitation of parameter changes, software and hardware changes/upgrades.

UFS is the solution that will provide a real time information link with terminals in the field through secured simplified control and access to relevant required data.

Tracom UFS

  • Updated terminals
  • Terminals due for updates
  • Failed or failing terminals
  • Various versions of terminal specifications

Value of UFS

  • Save time, operating costs and resources through remote terminal management with UFS. No need to recall terminals anymore for updating applications, parameter changes or software upgrades.
  • Consistently add value to your customers and agents through instant successful and secure software upgrade installations.
  • Better visibility of terminals giving highest possible uptime at all times by tracking terminal performance and remote clearance of simple / software errors.
  • Data transfer to all terminals from one central platform, or to specific terminals, regions or locations. Easily handle and manage the most simple and complex software migrations at location.
  • Configure user-ability of your terminals
  • Web-manage menus and parameters
  • Configure specific terminals to specific applications
  • Manage keys
  • Get reports on terminal location, users, availability and connectivity strength
  • Add accounts
  • Add limits


We live in dynamic world, where changes occur rapidly. Any business needs to adapt to solutions that the market needs. POSPARAM is an application that you can use to create new solutions, modify the functionality that you may require in a dynamic and rapid way to suite the needs of your different customers. It allows you to configure customer profiles according to different parameters. Some of the parameters can be used to create new applications without having to go through development. The application works closely with TMS application.

Configurations that can be done for POS /PC Applications

  • Receipt formatting and Logo formatting
  • BIN and Card Management
  • Terminal capability
  • Keys
  • Menu’s
  • Setting up terminals for Different countries
  • Multicurrency currency
  • Applications configurations
  • Module addition


Once you have deployed terminals in the field and they are with customers. It is important to be able to follow up on the terminals to ensure the terminals that have been deployed have high availability.

To allow you to be more proactive in the management of the devices, POSIRIS is a tool that is used to provide information in real time of the devices that are transacting and those that are not transacting. You can be able to issues related to hardware, software or transactions.

This Module is also a link between your devices and our hardware center. It generates reports of terminals that have been purchased, those that are in the field and those terminals that have not been up for some period of time.  From your premises it is possible to get information on the user call them user and find what could be wrong. If it is minor the terminal can be sorted out if not the information is collected and passed to the support team who in turn send the information to Tracom. It assists you to get first information on the devices that are faulty and needs to be picked. An email is generated to the us with the information to assist in quick diagnosis.

It is used to generate information on the devices that are to be picked for repair and those that are returned. It provides a view of the terminals that are in the field and those that are to be prepared.

Why Posiris?

  • Get Third Party Provider ReportIt provides statistics for the failed transactions that have failed or not. It provides information on the
  • Device monitoring
  • Connection Monitoring
  • Ability to see all the transactions that the device is doing and compare a period to another
  • Help Desk – 360 view of your device from Manufacture to Device end of life
  • Transaction MonitoringThis Module is used to monitor the transactions that are done on the device. It provides information on all the transactions that were done on the device successfully or failed

Posiris generates terminal reports on demand/request thus offers better control and grip of field activities concerning the terminal usage.

Terminal Management System (TMS)

When you have new applications that need to be updated on device the TMS comes in handy. Our Terminal Management System is a secure application that allows devices to get application or parameters from a server and upgrade applications remotely.

TMS Capabilities

  • Managing schedules of devices that need new applications to be loaded remotely
  • Blocking /Unblocking devices so that they cannot transact again in the event of an emergency situation
  • Load/Parameters applications to a device remotely
  • Download software logs from the device to assist in the diagnosis and repair of devices when the terminals are on the field
  • Send/Receive SMS on a device Sending and receiving messages from device for a number of devices. For example, reminding a merchant to do settlement or receive some information from the office
  • Terminal History Provide you with information from when the terminal was deployed to when it received the last download

Field Agent

This module allows for the Field Agents to collect data in real time and send it back to the office. This will assist in planning on the customers who are in the field who need services that need to be done. From the field the following information is gathered.