Tracom Services Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Kenya. We have two Research and Development centres, one in Tanzania and another in Kenya. Tracom closely works with our first-class partners based in France – Ingenico, Alios Cards, Leixem Security Consultants among others in order to build capacity and to stay ahead as far technology is concerned. We deliver quality today’s innovations using tomorrow’s technologies.

Our software development house is run by local professionals with a wide skill set and this provides us with an unrivalled innovation platform that gives our customers and clients a vital edge in today’s highly competitive environments. Our goal is that of being an IT solutions provider with a specific mission of providing comprehensive, best of breed solutions to both private enterprises and the public sector in East Africa and beyond. We have been assisting companies and organizations by developing cost-effective customized applications which enable them to streamline their daily operations which include statutory and reporting needs, increase their productivity and subsequently obtain leverage within their market segments.

Our philosophy is such that we allow our clients and customers immediate access to the directors, principals and design team as and when required. This encourages complete participation and contribution from all team members, thereby building confidence and competency while generating a high level of customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

As the competitive landscape continues to intensify, more and more businesses require cost-effective software solutions that enhance their business processes and result in reduced operating costs. Tracom was incorporated to fill this market gap by providing multi-level solutions with an in-depth knowledge of local companies and their requirements.

Our customer and client service is world class and this is achieved by understanding that our success comes from your success. Bearing this in mind, we offer a wide range of custom-made solutions and services to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. We welcome challenges and guarantee to develop and supply our clients and customers with solutions that deliver results.


To change the face of payment solution through innovative and convenient channels with keen focus on security.


To be the leading payment solution provider.

Core Values

Tracom Services Limited never compromises on integrity and is passionate about building productive, longstanding relationships by being truthful and promoting open communication.

Tracom Services Limited never settles for the status quo. We are constantly looking for new ideas, technologies and ways to do business which will keep our company on the cutting edge and a step ahead of the competition. By optimizing the resources available to us in every way possible and encouraging initiative at all levels of the organisation we will never get complacent, which is crucial in the dynamic and ever changing world of security service provision.

Tracom Services Limited does recognize that team work is essential to meeting our clients’ needs. We stress the value of co-operation and co-ordination amongst all members and levels of our organisation.

Tracom Services Limited is committed to offering leading payment solutions and services by earning the confidence of those we interact with and maintaining our relationship as the most trustworthy and dependable company.

Tracom Services Limited gives our staff the freedom to act in a decisive and accountable manner and encourages personal development. We are supportive of people’s strengths, weaknesses and differences, making Tracom one of the best places to work.