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Effective tax collection

Many governments today are grappling with effective tax collection and a realization of increasing the revenue collected.

  • Existing System set up that has grim enforcement drawbacks
  • No Standardization: Various devices produce differing receipts/ reports formats
  • Invoice trafficking / fake invoices, no automatic way to track refund source receipts
  • Receipts issued from devices lacking data transmission capabilities
  • Misuse of approvals of refund claims
  • No mechanism to authenticate field transactions
  • Hard to manage taxpayer lifecycle
  • Forged /false Input VAT
  • No methodical tracing of chain of product / service supply
  • Untraceable purchases
  • Ghost traders and ghost receipts
  • Transaction data not obtainable centrally

An automated/digitized system for revenue collection not only mitigates all the above problems but also enables the government to offer more quality services to its citizens owing to higher and more accountable revenues collected.

In this light, the Tracom Electronic Fiscal Device Management System (EFDMS) both connects both the Fiscal & Payment world by combining focalized billing and receipting solutions with E-Payment solutions.